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PALOMA SS19 has landed

Monday, 15 July 2019 1:01:22 PM Australia/Sydney

Unlock your own style story with Paloma.

Spanish for ‘dove’, Paloma embodies a deep inner peace, the freedom to self-express and find beauty within.

Paloma signals an exciting direction for NAJO this Spring/Summer 2019, still bearing the timeless elegance at the heart of our DNA, but with an edge of defiance.

Weeping Widow

This is jewellery designed for women who make no excuses for their creative expression.

As always, we have ample new designs in highly polished sterling silver, in organic and sculptural shapes.

One future classic is the Weeping Widow Bangle, a fluid and evocative design culminating in a gleaming teardrop.

You’ll also discover plenty of our signature oxidised 925 silver pieces, highly embellished pieces that resonate with our brand spirit.

Perfect for spring is the Floriade Wide Cuff, a substantial silver cuff scattered with highly dimensional flowers, made even more impactful by their deep oxidised background.

Floriade Cuff

Yet Paloma is not only about exquisite sterling silver. The season also calls for glowing yellow and rose gold plated silver, included sophisticated two-tone designs for added flexibility and freedom.

 The Myra Earring in 14-carat rose gold plate features a curved blade that tapers into a fine hook, like a stylised petal caught mid-fall.

If you prefer to mix your gold and silver collections at once, you’ll meet your match with the two-tone Breeze Huggie in your choice of silver and either yellow gold or rose gold plate.

 Further enriching the warm-weather collection are Paloma’s new-release colourful gemstones punctuating cocktail rings, pendants and earrings.

 The Marine Garden Ring stars a large aqua chalcedony teardrop cabochon in an oxidised silver setting. Its beautiful sea hue might normally only be found on island escapes.

Marine Garden

If you’re after something truly unique, the Lyla Dumortierite Necklace celebrates the exceptional colour and characterful beauty of dumortierite, in the season’s favourite teardrop shape with a robust-yet-minimalist sterling silver setting.

 Finally, evoking the spirit of Mexico this season is the showstopping Majestica Necklace featuring 3 rows of reticulated squares that recall moonlight dancing on cobblestoned streets.


“Relinquish your inhibitions and soar freely with Paloma” – Jo Tory, NAJO founder


Discover the complete collection online now >

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Your Winter Earring Edit

Tuesday, 9 July 2019 4:05:30 PM Australia/Sydney

Some people call the coldest time of year ‘winter’ – we call it ‘Earring Season’. Because when you’re wrapped head to toe, there aren’t many other options for showing off your favourite jewellery pieces!

Earrings aren’t just a gorgeous way to light up the face, they are also carefully designed objects, highly personal and almost unendingly varied.

For this season’s NAJO Earring Edit, we’ve chosen 6 favourite designs from across our lines to showcase the breadth of our own earring collections as well as the huge variety of fine jewellery choices available to wear throughout the coldest snap – even when your lobes are the only part of your body not enveloped in knitwear!

We’ve chosen to highlight one pair from each of our six earring types, proving there’s a style to suit everybody.

Winter City



The sassy partner for a chunky turtleneck, hoops are incredibly diverse. Gold plated or sterling silver, rounded and thick, or fine and flat. Double loops or three-quarter. Our pick for this winter is the Leonda Earring in sterling silver, 14-carat yellow gold plate or 14-carat rose gold plate. Why? These are BIG earrings that pack a punch, important when you’re rugged up. Yet they are also smooth and fully enclosed meaning there’s nothing to catch when you throw on your scarf. The hand-hammered finish (that’s silver which has been indented by hand using a small artisan tool) creates a rippling texture to mimic the heavily textured fibres of seasonal clothing.


Here’s the thing with drops – they’re made for movement. Our choice of the Dewdrop Earring might seem unorthodox for winter but trust us, the combination of turquoise and winter clothing (grey, denim, navy, camel) is completely intoxicating. Drop earrings aren’t always fine and delicate, but in this case the effect of the barely there chain and dancing beads spells winter fun.


The ultimate everyday earring, a stud is the kind of leave-in-and-forget-about jewellery piece that gets us through the week in easy style. In recent seasons we’ve seen a trend towards tiny studs layered with other earrings, but now’s the time to get graphic with slightly larger, organically shaped designs like the Piedra  Stud Earring. Up-to-the-minute and yet timeless, this pebble-shaped accent also comes in 14-carat yellow gold plate to work with your existing jewellery collections.


Who doesn’t feel warmer after a hug? A huggie is simply a small, chunky hoop that sits relatively snuggly around the lobe, and take it from us – they’re the ultimate winter warmer. The Mobo Huggie Earring sets itself apart by combining a highly polished simple huggie with an ornate charm bead. The stippled ball has been oxidised to accentuate its texture, meaning it has been deliberately blackened in the indentations. The effect is sexy, seductive.

Winter Earrings


 Hook fitting

What’s the difference between a hook fitting and a drop? Well for most purposes, nothing. But where most drops are made for movement (see above), some hooks are fixed, running from end to end in one solid design. The glory of our signature Weeping Woman Earring is its uninterrupted flow. A hook that runs fluidly into a bulbous tear shape of highly polished sterling silver. This could only be the work of NAJO’s artisan silversmiths in Mexico, and once you slip it on you’ll understand why it’s a long-time NAJO fave.    


We’ve talked about every earring type available, but the one that will add most colour to your winter wardrobe is the one that features a semi-precious stone – or two. The Pompeii Double Drop Earring will have all your bases covered this season, with a dual disc design in luxurious two-tone 18-carat yellow gold plate and sterling silver illuminating the faceted iolite and peridot stones.



How’s that for a winter earring wrap-up… need more? Browse the complete collection now

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Monday, 17 June 2019 10:09:26 AM Australia/Sydney



Be free and be beautiful.

That’s the mantra we’re taking away from NAJO’s latest release for SS19, PALOMA.

Unlock the serenity that comes from embracing who you are and celebrating the most enriching aspects of womanhood and beauty.

The spirit of Paloma, Spanish for ‘dove’, is ethereal and peace-giving.

Exquisite jewellery in delicate pastel shades that whispers rather than shouts. Paloma unapologetically celebrates femininity, knowing that to be feminine and feminist is never mutually exclusive.

NAJO wants women to feel free to express their own vision of beauty, whatever that looks like.

For us, this season is a statement in romantic elegance. Choose jewellery that speaks to you, lightens your heart and lifts your spirit.

Paloma Sneak Peak


Paloma isn’t just about surface beauty. These pieces are also beautiful because they are comfortable and enjoyable to wear, crafted of impeccable quality from semiprecious stones and precious metals.

Be fearless in your choices, soar high in your convictions and opt to adorn yourself with ethereal grace for Spring/Summer 19.

In the meantime, wet your appetite with our new personalised collection SIGNA LUXE

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