Every year Najo is part of the largest Jewellery Event in Australia, the JAA Fair. And 2014 was no different.... except... this year we were determined to make sure that EVERYTHING was different!

We wanted to capture the attention of everyone at the Fair, to break with tradition, to own our space, and create a stand that would capture the true essence of Najo and get everyone talking!

This year Najo brought a little slice of Mexico to the Fair, and invited our Retail Partners to indulge in a Mexican Feast of the Senses!

So... what exactly is the required for fashioning an Amazing Mexican Feast?! Why follow the recipe of course!

1) Gather ingredients

Mexican Feast Mood Board

2) Add a dash of colour

 MExican Cermamics MExican Ceramics

3) A splash of sweet & fruity

Pomegranate Pineapple

4) Balance with a little spice

Mexican Chillis Mexican Chillis Hot sauce

5) Don't forget your greenery

Succulents Succulents

6) Mix ingredients well

Mexican Feast Mexican Feast

7 ) Serve with love and care... and you have a Mexican Feast not to be forgotten!

  Mexican Feast