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Trend Alert: Go Gold for Autumn

Monday, 12 March 2018 8:16:54 AM Australia/Sydney

Introducing NAJO’s Glam NEW AW18 Resort Collection

 The minute that outgoing Celine designer Phoebe Philo styled her Resort 18 collection with gold hoops, the trend was guaranteed to catch alight globally.  

The much-lauded designer finished her glam looks with chunky gold hoops in multiples and haphazard pairings, giving this classic accessory a sharp new edge.

Even if your personal style (and your number of piercings) is less cutting-edge, Philo proved that golden hoops can work equally well with chic office wear as with more classic resort wear.

Traditionally, resort collections were a niche event on the fashion calendar, an opportunity to dress wealthy clients in the latest fashions fit for their luxe Mediterranean cruise holidays.

Today, these catwalk collections are among the hottest ticket on the fashion calendar, a chance for designers to release a tightly curated story which can result in some of the year’s most exciting pieces.

This season, NAJO is thrilled to launch our own resort collection, La Selva Dorada or The Golden Jungle. A capsule range of just 12 gleaming jewellery designs, La Selva Dorada extends on our broader La Selva collection.


As we explored last month, La Selva draws its inspiration from the deep dark mysteries of Brazil’s jungles, producing dynamic sterling silver jewellery with luminous gemstones in rich greens and moody browns.

Our 12-piece La Selva Dorada collection, meanwhile, takes these organic jungle silhouettes and drenches them in glorious gold.


With fluid hoops, interlinked rings, glowing spheres and delicate beads crafted in sterling silver and covered in 18-carat gold plate, La Selva Dorada is made to warm up your trans-seasonal wardrobe and update your winter basics with exotic spirit.

The Amazonia Earring, for instance, is a modern reinterpretation of the simple hoop, fusing a hook-style bar earring with dual intersecting rings for a delicate dance of shape and movement.

And the Carumba Necklace gives the classic ball-and-bead chain a golden glow in a long, sultry lariat style reminiscent of sun-dappled jungle vines.


Bask in the golden glow of our luxe new resort collection, La Selva Dorada, online now – autumn never looked so steamy.


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Trend Alert : Pearls

Monday, 26 February 2018 8:20:37 AM Australia/Sydney

Trend alert: pearl jewellery

Ah, the classics. Black and white movies. Chanel No. 5. A Birkin bag. The perfect pair of pearl earrings.

Some things will simply never fall out of style. In fact, as the world continues to quicken its pace, and trends are over almost before they go viral, the classics are holding firmer than ever.

Natural pearls have been prized since ancient times for their rarity and exceptional beauty. Among the most famous is La Peregrina, a late 16th-century drop-shaped natural pearl pendant owned by a succession of Spanish kings over hundreds of years before coming into the possession of Elizabeth Taylor, who sought the assistance of Cartier to turn it into a jaw-dropping necklace.

In the 17th century, Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer portrayed his Girl with a Pearl Earring, a portrait which continues to mystify and enchant viewers today.

By the turn of the 20th century, Japanese visionary Kokichi Mikimoto had invented a method for producing cultured pearls, which finally brought this rarefied gem to the masses.

It was not long afterwards that Coco Chanel made wearing oversized piles of faux pearls de rigueur. Her revolutionary influence made costume jewellery acceptable for women of all classes in the 1920s.

By the 1960s, Audrey Hepburn had immortalised the pearl necklace in her iconic opening scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

NAJO’s newest pearl jewellery, meanwhile, is far more streamlined than Holly Golightly’s pieces, and somewhat more affordable than the La Peregrina (which sold at auction for an eye-watering $12 million in 2011).


The minimalist lines of our Desert Dreamer Rose Earrings recall Vermeer’s most famous girl, but will be equally at home with a pair of jeans as a little black dress. Match them with the two-tone Desert Dreamer Necklace in rose gold and sterling silver for a modern twist on a classic pearl strand.


The warmth of rose gold adds a luxe and romantic blush to the lustre of the pearl at the centre of our sleek Jupiter Necklace. One of the most showstopping pieces in our new-season collection, La Selva, Jupiter is yet still simple enough to transition from the office to cocktails with ease.


On the other hand, the Pacific Jewel Necklace is long and delicate, perfect with weekend denim and resplendent with a fine silk slip. Layer it with shorter necklaces in sterling silver for a thoroughly contemporary interpretation that’s sure to make even Coco herself proud.


Shop NAJO’s complete collection of modern sterling silver pearl jewellery now.


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You Are What You Wear

Monday, 19 February 2018 9:02:08 AM Australia/Sydney

Meaning & myths of gemstones and jewels

Rather than mindlessly mimicking trends in fashion, the world’s most singularly stylish women (names like Iris Apfel, Diana Vreeland and Jacqueline Onassis come to mind) thoughtfully curate their jewellery choices to help express their unique personality.

The result are enduring collections that tell women’s stories in thoroughly personal ways.

It’s hardly a new idea, associating jewels with not only status but also deeper meaning.

People have ascribed powers to gemstones for thousands of years, from healing properties to protective talismans to birthstones.

The original idea behind the birthstone is that wearing it during its ascribed month will enhance the traditional powers associated with that stone.

Whether you choose to wear a certain gemstone because it’s your birthstone or simply because it’s your favourite colour, you are expressing something about who you are to the world. And if you’re open to the potential for stones to possess mystic properties, then you might be interested in the power held in some of this season’s favourite new rings from NAJO.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is earthy in both colour and sentiment – literally! One of the main components of the earth’s crust, quartz is believed to offer a grounding influence. The dark brown colour is also believed to absorb negative energy away from the wearer.

smokey quartz



Light and bright green, prehnite has a subtly glittery appearance. It’s reminiscent of the way sunlight dances among the highest tree canopies of a rainforest, which makes it the perfect addition to our new collection, La Selva (literally ‘The Jungle’). Its unusual name comes from Dutch Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn, who identified the stone in South Africa in 1788. Prehnite is thought to enhance memory and intuition.




The gentle grey glimmer of labradorite makes a chic complement to polished sterling silver for those who prefer a monochromatic or neutral fashion style. When the stone catches the light, only then are its true complexities and iridescence are illuminated. Fittingly, labradorite has been said to help awaken imagination and potential.

Black Onyx

Like other dark stones, black onyx is believed to absorb and transform negative energy, offering strength during periods of grief or stress. It is the birthstone for those born under the zodiac sign Leo.



With its softly muted jade-green hue, usually either translucent or semi-transparent, chalcedony has been believed to encourage optimism, kindness and storytelling.



One of the world’s most revered stones throughout history, turquoise has been linked to wisdom, nobility and immortality since ancient times. A birthstone for December.


Perhaps thanks to its (usually) white luminescence, the pearl has long been seen as a symbol of innocence and purity. A birthstone for June.


Perennially popular over thousands of years, this purple quartz was traditionally thought to keep the wearer clear in thought and even improve wit. It’s the classic birthstone for February babies.



What’s your story and how will you tell it? Shop a stone ring to match now >


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