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You Are What You Wear

Monday, 19 February 2018 9:02:08 AM Australia/Sydney

Meaning & myths of gemstones and jewels

Rather than mindlessly mimicking trends in fashion, the world’s most singularly stylish women (names like Iris Apfel, Diana Vreeland and Jacqueline Onassis come to mind) thoughtfully curate their jewellery choices to help express their unique personality.

The result are enduring collections that tell women’s stories in thoroughly personal ways.

It’s hardly a new idea, associating jewels with not only status but also deeper meaning.

People have ascribed powers to gemstones for thousands of years, from healing properties to protective talismans to birthstones.

The original idea behind the birthstone is that wearing it during its ascribed month will enhance the traditional powers associated with that stone.

Whether you choose to wear a certain gemstone because it’s your birthstone or simply because it’s your favourite colour, you are expressing something about who you are to the world. And if you’re open to the potential for stones to possess mystic properties, then you might be interested in the power held in some of this season’s favourite new rings from NAJO.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is earthy in both colour and sentiment – literally! One of the main components of the earth’s crust, quartz is believed to offer a grounding influence. The dark brown colour is also believed to absorb negative energy away from the wearer.

smokey quartz



Light and bright green, prehnite has a subtly glittery appearance. It’s reminiscent of the way sunlight dances among the highest tree canopies of a rainforest, which makes it the perfect addition to our new collection, La Selva (literally ‘The Jungle’). Its unusual name comes from Dutch Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn, who identified the stone in South Africa in 1788. Prehnite is thought to enhance memory and intuition.




The gentle grey glimmer of labradorite makes a chic complement to polished sterling silver for those who prefer a monochromatic or neutral fashion style. When the stone catches the light, only then are its true complexities and iridescence are illuminated. Fittingly, labradorite has been said to help awaken imagination and potential.

Black Onyx

Like other dark stones, black onyx is believed to absorb and transform negative energy, offering strength during periods of grief or stress. It is the birthstone for those born under the zodiac sign Leo.



With its softly muted jade-green hue, usually either translucent or semi-transparent, chalcedony has been believed to encourage optimism, kindness and storytelling.



One of the world’s most revered stones throughout history, turquoise has been linked to wisdom, nobility and immortality since ancient times. A birthstone for December.


Perhaps thanks to its (usually) white luminescence, the pearl has long been seen as a symbol of innocence and purity. A birthstone for June.


Perennially popular over thousands of years, this purple quartz was traditionally thought to keep the wearer clear in thought and even improve wit. It’s the classic birthstone for February babies.



What’s your story and how will you tell it? Shop a stone ring to match now >


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La Selva AW18

Friday, 9 February 2018 3:33:37 PM Australia/Sydney

Just landed! Our new-season collection is here

The team at NAJO is so proud to bring you La Selva, our first new jewellery collection for 2018. After many months of development, the range is now online and ready for you to explore.

Full of exotic details and colours inspired by the legendary rainforests of Brazil, La Selva takes its name from the Spanish word for ‘jungle’. Read more about our inspiration behind this collection.

How to wear La Selva

Unlike NAJO’s core lines and signature collections, which are renowned for their timeless appeal, our seasonal collections take a more fashion-forward focus. That’s not to say these pieces don’t have enduring appeal, just that we have curated the collection to resonate with current-season trends. While inspiration comes from the natural world and our worldwide travels, we also pay attention to the work of top designers, artists and creatives of the moment.

Here are our stylist tips for coordinating key La Selva pieces with the hottest catwalks trends this AW18 season.

Trend 1: Hints of silver
A strong look emerging from the international shows is hints of silver, particularly via textured accessories and embellishments. The pre-fall collection of Los Angeles-based Brock features unabashedly feminine prints, colours, frills and ruching layered with silver-embellished belts. The effect is at once edgy and romantic, perfectly attuned to the zeitgeist of empowered women celebrating their true femininity.

Pair with:

Our newest luscious rose gold and pearl fine jewellery, mixing gleaming sterling silver with blushing rose gold plate and glowing pearl. Our Jupiter necklace and matching ring, for example, are a triumphant expression of feminine strength and modern beauty.

Wear when?

This romantic combination of fashion and jewellery makes a glamorous yet soft look for evening wear.

 jupiter and paerls



Trend 2: Bold block colours

If you’re going to go for bold colour, be sure to go all out. Blocks of colour on colour, as seen at Emilio Pucci recently, will resonate with confident, worldly women who don’t shy away from making a statement. For us, the colour of choice this season is green, to evoke our jungle vibe.

Pair with:

When you start with a base of bold green colour-blocked clothing you just have to keep going. Pile on even more colour in the form of gleaming gemstones, such as light-green prehnite and jade-green chalcedony. Set against the clean brightness of our polished sterling silver, these greens are crisp and contemporary. Try our Rainforest choker, chunky cuff and matching cocktail ring.

Wear when?

Bold, warming colour makes the perfect choice for day wear, especially as the days start to get greyer and cooler.

 pucci - gem




Trend 3: Monochrome texture

Our favourite casual-chic look from the catwalks this season comes from Max Mara. For those who can’t stomach too much colour, add interest instead in the form of exquisite texture, such as chunky knitted sweaters under fine knit pants suits in androgynous layers of grey.

Pair with:

Soften the masculine edges with delicate and fine jewellery in similar simple-yet-textured designs. The beaten silver work of our new Amarres Wide Bangle is reminiscent of the way sunlight dapples through a rainforest canopy. Minimalists will also appreciate the tactile allure of our spherical and textured silver Claudette Earrings and matching sterling silver pendant necklace.

Wear when?

To the office, or with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual weekend breakfast.





Trend 4: The anti-trend

Forever jewellery needs a flawless and timeless fashion partner, such as Joseph. Few can pull off luxe minimalism like this landmark British brand.

Pair with:

Its deceptively simple silhouettes make the perfect companions for our best-selling and perennial Signature Collection. These are classic jewellery pieces for true individuals who know their own mind, and define their own style regardless of fashion. Case in point: our Australian designed Naj ‘O’ Bangle, which has been a part of the NAJO collection almost since Jo Tory began the brand over 30 years ago.

Wear when?

Anytime, and forever.


Love it? Shop the entire brand-new La Selva collection now >


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The Christmas Bauble Edit for 2017

Thursday, 7 December 2017 3:39:10 PM Australia/Sydney

Introducing two new arrivals & our favourite Christmas baubles of the season! 


There’s one jewellery style that is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, particularly in the lead up to the festive season. It’s silver ball jewellery, of course! In time for Christmas we’ve released two new additions to our range of silver ball jewellery: Hydra and Jiggle. 

Beloved by generations of sterling silver lovers internationally, silver ball jewellery holds appeal for minimalists and maximalists alike. It’s equally adored by those who prefer modern edgy fashion or a clean, classic style.

It’s no wonder then that ball styles are consistently among NAJO’s most popular pieces. In fact, our two latest lines have become instant bestsellers.

The joy of fine sterling silver crafted into spherical beads, pearls and balls is both visual and tactile. The round reflects the light all over its highly polished surface, similar to the way a droplet of water glistens on your body. To the touch, it feels beautiful and smooth against the skin and playful in the way it rolls and moves with the wearer.

Reminiscent of your most precious heirloom Christmas ornaments, the Jiggle line features gleaming baubles in silver, yellow gold or rose gold plate delicately dangling from fine silver chain pendants and compact earrings. There’s endless movement built into the craftsmanship of these huggies, which gives them their namesake “jiggle”. 

baubles 2

Baubles 3

Those who prefer a hoop style will adore the subtle movement and fashionable profile of the two-tone Hydra Hoop Earrings. This Silver tube bracelet is complemented with a rose gold plated round bead to bring radiance to the wearer.

Being so popular among a diverse cross-section of women makes silver ball jewellery a safe choice for gift giving – particularly in the two-tone styles. Not sure whether your gift recipient would prefer gold or silver jewellery? Hedge your bets and go for a mixed metal design so it easily coordinates with both gold and silver jewellery collections.

Keen to catch these styles before Santa packs his sleigh? Shop online here and have them home for Christmas.



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