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Introducing our ‘stars’ of the silly season

Wednesday, 18 October 2017 2:15:59 PM Australia/Sydney

Your Christmas gifting & accessorising solutions are here!

Drumroll please… our exquisite and highly anticipated Christmas collection has landed!

The stars have aligned just in time for the festive season with a twinkling collection of sterling silver jewellery pieces that are on-trend, a little edgy, and infinitely giftable.

NAJO’s brand new Christmas Capsule Collection features petite studs, hooks and drop earrings, delicate necklaces, pendants and lariats, and barely there bracelets and bangles.

Our freshest designs incorporate geometric shapes for a graphic look, but on a mini scale that’s fashion-forward and understated.

With prices starting as little as $39, there’s something for every jewellery lover on your gift list. Our baby star studs make ideal Kris Kringle gifts, while every fashionista will find an occasion (or many) for the sexy Carumba Necklace with its dramatic y-shaped drop.

Minimalists will crave the simple elegance of the De Monde Earring with its ring and bar motif reminiscent of modernist design.

There’s even something for the romantics: our of-the-moment double chain Coco Necklace in gorgeous rose gold plate.

Fine toggle bracelets and our slim-profile Oh Honey Bangle are begging to be stacked together – the ultimate casual look for summer with just the right amount of Christmas jingle.

Our Glamazon Choker Necklace is the showstopping piece of this collection, made to be worn with sleek little black dress – and a whole lot of verve.

Shining brightest of all this season are our baby stars adorning everything from pendants to studs to teeny tiny hooks. It’s a style that hints at Christmas – making it perfect for all those upcoming parties – but which is sure to be just as adored right through the new year and beyond.

So what are you waiting for? Shop our just-dropped Christmas collection now, before it’s gone like a flying sleigh!

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Pretty pastels to bring on spring!

Monday, 14 August 2017 12:02:00 PM Australia/Sydney

Our latest stone jewellery is coloured like candy

Stones are an important part of all NAJO’s seasonal collections. They bring texture, interest and colour to our most understated sterling silver designs and help to tell the story of each themed range.

This season, especially for our new La Luz collection, we’ve chosen vivid, pastel-hued semiprecious stones.

Not only are they the perfect modern complement to bright white sterling silver settings, they are ideally coloured for spring’s arrival.

Inspired by artist James Turrell’s play with pastels, this season’s stones are kunzite, amazonite, moonstone, chalcedony, pearl, turquoise and apatite.

Think mint green, aqua, gelato pink, soft blue and white. Fashionable, feminine and fresh.

There are pendants, statement cuffs, cocktail rings, drop earrings and beaded necklaces set with cabochons of the sweetest pastel hues.

Which coloured stones will you choose to help tell your story this season?


This unique mineral, with its opaque properties, unmistakable pool-blue colour and distinct mineral veining, is one of the world’s oldest and most revered. Since ancient times it has been linked to wisdom, nobility and immortality. A birthstone for December.


Part of the feldspar family, this opaque stone is found in the most beautiful soft shades of aqua and sea green. It’s regarded by some as promoting courage and calm.


Thanks to its blushing hue and clear qualities, this relatively modern addition to the stone family is sometimes known as ‘the Woman's Stone’. It’s often associated with protection, love and serenity.

 Blue Apatite

 Sometimes confused with aquamarine, this hexagonal crystal-form stone has a clear, glassy appearance. It is thought to enhance self-confidence and help wearers achieve their goals.


 NAJO jewellery incorporates freshwater pearls. Perhaps thanks to its (usually) white luminescence, the pearl is popularly seen as a symbol of innocence and purity. A birthstone for June.


Legend has it that moonstone promotes good luck in romance, making it a popular gift for lovers and brides-to-be. It’s also thought to encourage insightfulness, intuition and hope. Like pearl, moonstone is a June birthstone.

Aqua & Pink Chalcedony

Usually translucent or semi-transparent, chalcedony has been believed to encourage optimism, kindness and storytelling.

Ready to colour up for spring? Shop our new pastel stone jewellery now >>

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The new organic

Monday, 7 August 2017 10:00:00 AM Australia/Sydney

You’ll love these fresh takes on our favourite design style

It’s never easy to articulate what defines a signature ‘look’, but you usually know it when you see it. At NAJO, a key element of our core style – our DNA, if you like – is the use of organic shapes inspired by nature.

The undulating, rhythmic movement of the ocean or sand dunes, the infinite shapes of the moon in its phases, a droplet of water, a seedpod.

Among our most popular jewellery designs are sterling silver creations inspired by all the above and more.

Organic Silver Necklace

What organic looks like this season

In our newest collection, La Luz, we’ve introduced an exciting new selection of silver jewels that bring a fresh take to this favourite style.

Our signature organic aesthetic is reinterpreted in fluid pods, irregular circles, sculptural twists and teardrops.

Being inspired by ‘la luz’, Spanish for ‘the light’, each piece draws its designs cues from the endless characteristics of light itself.

A few of our new favourites

The Hola Choker, with its organic circular pendant, represents the way light distorts perfect shapes in shadow. It’s a celebration of imperfection, of light’s playfulness, a subtle reminder to never take things too seriously.

The Reminisce Bracelet, with its continuous drop form, is tactile and substantial on the wrist. Each highly dimensional bead catches light, creates shadow and reflects movement.

The Fidelity Necklace, with its irregular connecting cut-out circles in highly polished sterling silver, takes inspiration from the dappled morning sunlight as it filters naturally through the trees.

An uneven level and graphic chasm define the Split Signet Ring. Its minimalistic surface evokes a response similar the work of artist James Turrell. It challenges the wearer to admire pure shape, space and play of light over basic structure and material.

With its flat broad profile and symmetry, the Socialite Cuff was inspired by the way a shaft of light, when interrupted, will bounce back on itself. It’s a symbol of resilience, designed for confident, strong women.

Looking to go organic? Shop our newest organic sterling silver jewellery designs now >>

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