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NAJO Street Style

Monday, 23 April 2018 8:17:05 AM Australia/Sydney

Our jewellery in the limelight! We track this season’s most wearable trends


We love to see how stylish women wear their NAJO.

Here’s a quick round-up of the latest local tastemakers, celebrities and style-setters sporting their NAJO around town. Amid our recent bout of social-media stalking/magazine page-turning, we couldn’t help but spot a few key trends emerging.

As Seen On


1. The statement earring is big and back.

Ever-chic Deborah Hutton graced the cover of Stellar Magazine wearing NAJO recently, proving oversized gold hoops are as timeless as they are on-trend right now.

Channel Nine’s Allison Langdon wore our Mali Earrings in striking black onyx when she hosted the Weekend Today Show last month. 

Moody black onyx was also the stone of choice for Sydney-based musician Vera Blue (aka Celia Pavey) who brings her inimitable style to our edgy-cool Jira Hoop Earrings.


2. Layers of fine and feminine jewellery tell a strong story together.

When it comes to delicate and feminine layers, few can do it better than Instagram star Rose McEvoy, who wears her Snowdrop Pearl Necklace at choker length layered with a longer fine silver pendant to keep it looking fresh.

Model Elouise Morris shows how to stack for luxe-yet-understated silver style, pairing our Cinta Hoops in sterling silver with a fine neck mess, including our Like a Breeze necklace.


3. A little gold goes a long way

Model and former Miss Universe Monika Radulovic was spotted wearing our Double Beat Necklace in blushing rose gold plate in a Valentine’s Day spread in NW Magazine.

Meanwhile, OK! Magazine’s Senior Fashion Editor Maya Wyszynski opted for the NAJO Like a Breeze necklace in 18-carat yellow gold plate as one of her new-season go-to accessories.


The only question that remains is: how will YOU wear your NAJO? Shop now >

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Nurturing future Australian creatives

Thursday, 5 April 2018 11:09:23 AM Australia/Sydney

Introducing the first produced designs from NAJO’s Design Competition

The aim of NAJO’s Design Competition is to foster Australian design talent and nurture the creativity of up-and-comers in our local jewellery industry.

Our inaugural winner was Perth-based designer Megan Whelan. Her stunning “Cross” earring design was commercially on-point, on-trend and versatile enough to inspire a complementary necklace. You can now shop Megan’s edgy and asymmetrical earrings online at NAJO. 


“I felt the angled cross shape and polished silver surface gave the earstuds a ‘NAJO’ feel, which I saw as simple, artistic and wearable,” says Megan, who studied jewellery design at Curtin University and earned a Diploma in Gemmology from the Gemmological Association of Australia.

Megan is now working for Perth-based Clarity Jewellers. The main component of my job is designing and creating custom pieces of jewellery – mostly engagement rings, followed closely by remodelling older, outdated or heirloom jewellery. A job I thoroughly enjoy,” she says.


NAJO founder Jo Tory is proud to be able to support emerging industry talent. “Australia is rich with design talent, and NAJO’s Design Competition provides a platform for our best and brightest to see their visions brought to life via the extraordinary, sculptural medium of sterling silver,” she says.

Megan is equally thrilled with the result. “I wear the Megan earrings every day – they’re the perfect size and weight. I think NAJO has done an excellent job of recreating my designs in sterling silver. I’m so proud a company like NAJO has produced something I designed. All the staff here at Clarity here love the pieces!”


So what’s next for Megan?

“I’d love to design my own range of jewellery – I’m always sketching possible ideas down, and endlessly scrolling through Instagram for inspiration. I’m loving irregular and rose-cut shaped gems at the moment – anything asymmetrical.”

 Megan would love to see more Australian jewellery companies embracing young talent and artisan makers. “Collaborations with up-and-coming designers for small collections would possibly keep Australian jewellery feeling fresh and new. I think too often Aussie jewellery is a reflection of overseas markets and trends – it would be much nicer to be followed rather than following,” she says.


Shop Megan Whelan’s exclusive designs, part of NAJO’s new La Selva Collection, online now >

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Why choose sterling silver?

Monday, 18 September 2017 4:45:00 PM Australia/Sydney

Is it really worth its weight in… well, silver?

The answer of course, is absolutely.

There are endless options when shopping for silver jewellery – at all price ranges. When buying online, it’s sometimes tricky to distinguish a difference between silver-plated metals such as brass and genuine 925 sterling silver. Both might look equally great, at least at first.

The drawbacks of plated silver jewellery

Silver-plated metal jewellery can offer impressive weight and strength, and a bright white shine. However, silver plate loses its lustre very quickly. Then with time, the silver plating will wear and the brass will begin to show through, giving an undesirable yellow tinge.

Also, base metals used in silver-plated jewellery will often react with sensitive skin. If you’ve ever worn jewellery that made your skin turn green, chances are it had a base of brass.

Why go sterling – and what to look for

Pure silver is one of the world’s most precious metals. Along with gold and platinum, it’s what’s known as a ‘noble’ metal, meaning it’s resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

Yet pure silver, much like pure gold, is too soft to fashion into wearable jewellery. It needs to be alloyed to another metal for strength. (Alloyed silver, it should be noted, is very different to plated silver, which incorporates far more base metal than precious silver.)

To be genuine sterling silver, an alloy must be comprised of 92.5% pure silver, hence the ‘925’ stamp.

The remaining 7.5% is a base metal, often copper, which adds the necessary amount of strength and durability without detracting from the silver’s bright white colour, beauty and shine.

Quality sterling silver jewellery will obviously cost more than inferior silver-plate jewellery, thanks to its higher quantity of precious pure silver, plus the skill involved in fashioning each piece.

How can you be sure your silver is sterling?

The best way to ensure that the silver you are buying is genuine sterling is to shop with reputable sellers you know and trust and to make sure it is stamped 925.

NAJO has been manufacturing and selling the finest quality sterling silver for more than 30 years. All the silver jewellery in our collections is 925 sterling, so you can rest assured that when you shop with us, you are investing in the real deal.

The endless appeal of sterling silver

Long term, sterling silver will always win in the beauty stakes. Its purity (92.5% pure silver, to be exact) means that it can look deeper in colour and slightly less ‘white’ than brand new silver-plated jewellery, but over time the two become incomparable.

Quality sterling silver will withstand endless polishing and wear, and will continue to emerge as lustrous and bright as new.

If you’re looking for jewellery to gift to loved ones or cherish for yourself as a future heirloom, it needs to be sterling silver, every time.

Shop NAJO’s extensive range of beautiful sterling silver jewellery now >>

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