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The Easter Edit

Monday, 19 March 2018 10:28:28 AM Australia/Sydney

What to wear to brunch, an egg hunt or Easter dinner

Coming up: a lovely long four-day weekend! Whether you’ll be celebrating a traditional Easter with family and lots of eating or taking the extra leisure time to catch up with friends, you’ll want to make sure you’re decked out in style.

At its heart, Easter is a celebration of new life and rebirth, which is particularly fitting in the northern hemisphere where they are moving into spring. For us southerners, Easter is still a lovely time to celebrate new beginnings.

A new outfit to mark the occasion of Easter is a custom which has been around since at least the 1500s and is aptly reflected in this witty 18th-century verse:

“At Easter let your clothes be new
Or else be sure you will it rue.”

The importance of dressing in your finest for Easter culminated in the age-old tradition of the Easter bonnet parade, something still seen in Australian primary schools.

At NAJO, we’re reimagining fancy Easter dressing in stunning sterling silver and glorious gemstones.

Our favourite daytime looks for Easter

A stunning silver bracelet or bangle is the ideal accessory for a brunch or lunch party with family or friends. Always elegant, a wide beaten silver bangle makes a statement all on its own. For a more casual and festive vibe, layer a fine new friend such as our Personality Bracelet into your classic arm candy of Naj ‘O’ Bangle or Ribbon Bangle.

Bring an edgy, fashion-forward look to your weekend ensemble with our Rider Cuff, its graphic cross bar and baubles designed to draw attention.


Easter by night style guide

Our gleaming gemstone earrings are like tiny precious decorated Easter eggs: glossy, colourful, smooth and utterly irresistible. 

However you choose to spend your long weekend, you’ll be dressed for evenings out or entertaining at home with a glamorous pair of drops, like these lemony beauties. Perfect for your upcoming winter dressing, our luminous Snowdrop Pear Earrings are never hidden, no matter how many layers of coats, scarves and hats you’re wearing.


In a sweet shade of robin’s egg blue, our Little Lagoon Earrings bring festive Easter spirit to every outfit. Or turn heads with our blushing Sleeping Beauty Earrings in egg-shaped silver discs coated in 14-carat rose gold plate.

For the up-to-the-minute style, try our new Rainforest Earring inspired by the mysterious depths of the Amazon.


Don’t wait for the bunny, hop online now to shop our Easter treats to last a lifetime >

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The perfect present: a foolproof Christmas gift guide

Tuesday, 21 November 2017 8:50:00 AM Australia/Sydney

Your step-by-step to choosing well – no matter who you’re buying for

Step 1: Make it precious

If you’re shopping during this festive season and you’re aiming to please, then opt for fine jewellery. Beautiful, precious and enduring, it’s truly the gift that keeps giving. The beauty of sterling silver jewellery is that there’s a style to suit every taste, age, budget and inclination. It’s a failsafe gift choice for mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, friends, nieces or colleagues.

Step 2: Suss out their style

Start looking for clues to your gift recipient’s style. Fashion-wise, do they veer towards classic and chic, edgy and modern, soft and romantic or eclectic and boho?

If in doubt, play it safe with clean, simple pieces that can work in with a multitude of styles.

Step 3: What piece to choose?

How do you decide between a bracelet, earrings, ring or necklace? Our advice is to look to their existing jewellery preferences. If you’ve never seen them wear a necklace, but bracelets feature often, then that might be your best bet. Go for tried and true. Also consider sizing. If you’re not confident on their ring size or whether a short necklace will sit at the right length, consider earrings or a cuff instead.

Step 4: The right tone

Is the wearer more of a gold or silver person? And is that yellow or rose gold? Or do they tend to mix it up? For example, a platinum wedding ring set paired with a two-tone watch or vintage gold locket. In that case, your safest bet is a stunning two-tone piece that will work beautifully with all their existing jewellery, no matter how eclectic.

Need a little more guidance?

Match your gift recipient with the description that best applies to them:

They love to wear and decorate with bold, vibrant colours.

Go for stones and turquoise in vivid aqua, deep lapis, mint and pink.

They’re not shy about making a statement – the bolder, the better.

Shop our most eye-catching, showstopping sterling silver jewellery pieces.

They are always impeccably groomed and understated – the epitome of ‘less is more’.

Opt for fine and simple styles, such as a tiny pair of stud earrings or a barely there bracelet.


Still a little stuck for gift inspo? Our best sellers category was made for foolproof gifting. Shop now!

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Perfect party pairings

Wednesday, 8 November 2017 1:46:30 PM Australia/Sydney

Dos and don’ts for accessorising this silly season

It’s here: party season! Polish your dancing heels so they’re ready for action at a moment’s notice. Queue the cocktail dresses in their drycleaner’s bags at the front of your wardrobe. And get out the silver cloth – it’s time to make your most glamorous accessories shine.

Whether the invite is for casual drinks by the water or a sophisticated city soiree, we have your guide to this season’s essential party pieces, plus a few dos and don’ts for nailing each look. However, like all rules, the following “don’ts” are just begging to be challenged, even ignored. After all, it’s the silly season and (just about) anything goes!

Top 4 party-season jewellery looks

1. Arm party

The key here is to stack those bracelets, bangles and cuffs. It’s the ultimate way to bring a little festive jingle jangle to your ensemble. Best for casual gatherings where fun is the main objective.

Do: mix it up – layer delicate silver beads, solid bangles, fine chains and chunky links, different coloured metals, and maybe add a watch and a knotted silk kerchief for good measure.

Don’t: go so crazy that you end up being noisier than the DJ on the dance floor.

Gather the goods for your arm party now >>


2. Perfect pearls

When elegance is required, there’s really no match for pearl. Our designs subvert the pearl’s reputation for traditionalism. Clean and contemporary pieces in bright sterling silver allow the natural luminescence of the freshwater pearl to take centre stage.

Do: Keep it modern with edgy minimalism. A monochrome outfit is ideal.

Don’t: overdo it. Two or three well-placed pearls can be infinitely chicer than a whole string.

See our modern take on freshwater pearls here >>


3. Drop earrings

The most direct way to spell “party time” through your accessories is a pair of statement drops. Especially if you’re not usually a big earring wearer. Pop on a pair and see how they change the way you carry yourself, and even alter your mood.

Do: experiment with a different look in honour of party season. For example, wear your hair up if you usually wear it down – drop earrings look gorgeous with a dramatic updo.

Don’t: pair statement earrings with a statement necklace – each needs a little breathing room. Try drops with a cuff or an oversized cocktail ring instead.

Shop till you ‘drop’ now >>


4. Rose gold

Soft and pretty, perfect for warm summer nights, rose gold plated sterling silver is our final pick for this year’s party season. Delicate necklaces, fine bracelets, sweet little studs or hoops and understated rings take on a whole new look when finished in a coppery glow.

Do: go two-tone by pairing the clarity of bright sterling silver with blushing rose gold. They are born partners, like strawberries and cream.

Don’t: mix yellow and rose gold. Unless of course you’re going for a maxed-out, uber-glitzy look, in which case the more golden tones you can pile on, the merrier!

Add a little blush to your skin with our best rose gold plate jewellery >>

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